The application of the tape lastique for varicose veins

Varicose veins is a disease of the veins of the upper and lower limbs. Disease manifests itself in unequal the big traction veins, their increase in length and volume. When the варикозе worsening of the appearance of the feet, the skin bulge the veins and vessels of the man is pursuing a throbbing pain in the calf and the foot of feet, sometimes not giving to sleep at night. The feet синеют, reveal a high likelihood of the formation of blood clots and ulcers trophic, which implies serious consequences. When the early treatment of varicose veins, it may cause the development of diseases of skin, tissues and bones in place pathological varicose veins. Varicose veins in the top of the list of pathologies in women, especially after childbirth.

Primum indicium varicose veins is labor et dolor in crura
Varicose veins high exercise on the body, to the execution of the hard labor, excessive strain on the upper and the lower extremities during strength exercises and sports.

The disease is difficult in people with a genetic predisposition to varicose veins, among those who have had a trauma of vessels or patients of cardio-vascular disease; in people who are overweight, having bad habits, such as alcoholism or drug abuse. Varicose veins are against intense physical activity, on long trips and walks.At the onset of the first symptoms of varicose veins, to avoid the serious consequences of this disease, you should immediately consult a doctor and start the treatment.

Elastic Bandage and its properties

Elastic Bandages are indispensable aids to the conduct of the compression therapy of varicose veins of more than 50 years. They eliminate the stasis of blood form in the veins due to their obstruction. Support the veins, not allowing them to expand and increase volume, thereby reducing the light of the blood vessels. Improve the functioning of the valves, as a result of this increase in the circulation of blood in the veins, and recovers complete healthy circulation.

Elastic Bandages eliminate the stasis of blood, support of vienna, while saving the light of the blood vessels, improve the operation of the valves, as a result of this increase in the circulation of blood in the veins, and recovers complete healthy circulation

What is the positive effect of the use of the band lastique when варикозе? It has tightened, taking care of, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties, good air-permeable, and the foot does not sweat. When the port lower the swelling of the veins, and feet. Depending on the degree of complexity of the development of the disease, the amount of the feet and the space of development of varicose veins choose different types: with a long, medium or short property of sprains. For example, after surgical treatment of varicose veins using the bandages for long stretches. For therapeutic use in the short and medium kinds, they must be 50% made of wool, so as not to rub the foot and the toes come, their length should be 3 m and a width of 10 m.

For the bandages to have a positive impact on the members that are sore and not hurt the process of the hematopoiesis, you should use it properly. Elastic Bandages during the варикозе are one of the methods of treatment, but not all patients under the force of the to properly use and apply yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor, in order that it has with the rules of poses individually, then you can easily do at home yourself. Only the law of the overlay bint has curative, compression, and therapeutic effect on aching limbs. Otherwise, you can affect the flow of blood through the veins, aggravating the process of the development of the disease and worsen the condition of the body.

How to use the elastic at the варикозе?

Elastic Bandage during the варикозе you have to impose in the morning, immediately after sleep, not getting up. Preferably in a prone position. For more convenience, you can lift the foot on a foot and begin to connect to from the foot, wrap it with a bandage, heel, thus forming a node (the castle), to bint stood on one leg, no slipping when walking and movement, as well as for a better fix. In this case, it will be well to maintain the veins. All the coils must be placed exactly on each other, without education, the elbows and the folds do not pull the skin and veins.

Every revolution required parts overlapping each other, entering the latter about half or more. Connect the feet is necessary before the tibia of the knee joint, in the direction from the bottom to the top. Under the knee-board set, but is not waterproof, so as not to pinch the veins and not to disturb the circulation of the blood. The degree of compression of the tape, you can determine for yourself, depending on the shape of the leg and the location of varicose veins, even in our time, producing bandages with mechanical restraint, you can adjust yourself, when necessary.

After the application of an annoyance person needs to stretch your legs, the blood circulation in the body came intense, and the veins have started to work properly. A great load is not always desirable. Just make the most simple complex of the exercise in the morning. To do this, well suited for a walk of 15-20 minutes. Not a lot to move the leg band, if not, you can pere press of vienna and to obtain a rapid progression of the disease. Weakly superimpose an elastic bandage is not because it does not give the desired effect.

For a therapeutic effect rather average compression level, so as not to re-press of vienna or do not get a curative treatment. Regardless of the duration of treatment of bint it is necessary to remove the night each time, to give the leg relax.

The advantage of the band lastique lies in the fact that he fully accepts the shape of the feet, soft and well stretched during the movement, has a composition of natural (60% cotton, polyester and latex) and does not cause irritation on the skin, quickly applied on one leg and comfortable to wear, not feeling discomfort. It is invisible under pants or other clothing. Enjoy the band at the варикозе must be long enough period of one month to six months, in order to obtain good results in the treatment of varicose veins. We must not forget hygiene procedures: wash bint 2-3 times per week in the soapy water and hot water. After washing bint do not wring, do not expose it to high temperatures, such as, for example, when ironing. Store rolled. It has a good sight and do not darken after washing thanks to its natural composition. Elastic Bandage is available at the price of each, you can buy it in any pharmacy.

In strict compliance with the rules of fusion of the band lastique, when the early treatment and systematic control of the doctor of varicose veins can be cured elastic completely: restore blood circulation, improve the function of the vessels and vein to establish an intravenous valves. The veins becomes elastic, the legs and regain a healthy and beautiful.

Elastica bandages excluditur sanguinem stasis

The disadvantages of the tape lastique

  1. It is not a means of prevention when the варикозе. It is used for the treatment of varicose veins with symptoms and indications. They may not prevent the development of the disease.
  2. Can-perret, pinching the skin, vessels, capillaries, and veins, such as during normal walking and during the intensive training, despite the good key.
  3. The duration of treatment. Wear his or her need at least a month, and in the complex cases, carry 1.5 months to six months.

Contra-indications to the use of the band lastique

Elastic Bandages during the варикозе are always used, but there are a number of circumstances in which you cannot use elastic: the allergy to wool and other components of the band.

In the postoperative period when does not cure the seams and in the case of the execution of varicose veins.