Swelling of the legs during the варикозе — what to do?

Varicose veins occurs because of the weakness and of the deformation of the venous wall. In the future, which led to violations of the circulation of the blood, the blood begins to stagnate in the lower limbs. The pressure increases and the liquid of sweat in the space between the cage structures of tissues nearby. In addition, the sweating liquid displays a large number of essential trace elements, which leads to the appearance of cramps in the lower limbs.

The reasons of occurrence of edema during the варикозе

Launched varicose veins causes the formation of blood clots – blood clots. If the blood clot that ends and begins to move with a current of blood, it can enter in different organs. The areas of risk of varicose veins are the legs, a region of the peritoneum and pelvic organs. Often the result of varicose veins is a hemorrhoids, and in men can result in infertility due to varicose veins in the area of the spermatic cord. Basic reasons for the appearance of a swelling at the варикозе are the following:

Tumidis cruribus cum varicose veins
  • Heredity – in the context of scientific research, it has become known, as the vessels are transmitted genetically;
  • The gestation period of the child and of the birth – in the context of hormonal changes, turgor venous wall decreases and the load increases;
  • Tight shoes and poor clothing;
  • High physical load with an emphasis on the lower limbs;
  • Bad habits;
  • The physical work;
  • Lift weights;
  • The lack of exercise;
  • The great mass of the body.

Looks like the swelling at the варикозе

The swelling of the varicose veins disease of the feet always be accompanied by discomfort. Of the lower extremities, back pain, walking becomes problematic. A swelling in the варикозе are accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • A feeling of heaviness;
  • Frequent phenomena convulsive;
  • Itching and a haul-off sensations;
  • The appearance of varicose veins beneath the skin in the area of the shins.
Attention!Swelling caused by heart failure, has its own characteristics. Piderme on the feet, is a dense, glossy lacquered. Once the swelling crowd, it remains a long time deepening, there is an increase of the pulse and weakness throughout the body.

The methodology of treatment of edema

Always at the варикозе swelling of the legs, what to do in this case, you will just show the doctor. An effective treatment of swelling of feet during the варикозе involves the use of the therapy for the complexity. The treatment should include different methods of prevention and treatment, in order to restore the blood circulation in the veins of the lower limbs.

The tools used for the treatment of varicose veins, and removal of edemas:

  • The use of drugs;
  • Gymnastics and PHYSIOTHERAPY;
  • The adjustment of the diet, of work and rest;
  • Therapy склерозирующий drugs;
  • The use of the compression machine;
  • The quick intervention.
Attention!In the treatment of varicose veins, you should pay special attention to the mode of life and feeding. This applies to patients whose weight is considerably higher than normal. Excess weight increases the load on the lower extremities and on the blood vessels, causing the appearance of swellings of the legs.
Stricta and calceamentis, and impropria vestimentum

Only an expert can provide an accurate diagnosis and to assign adequate treatment is not only edema, but the cause of their.

The initial stage of varicose veins when the swelling is not very pronounced, involves the use of drugs local action. More started stage of varicose veins include the drug therapy of the means of action systemic. The methodology therapy courses must be selected carefully for each patient individually.

Creams, balms and ointments for local use

On the early stages of the disease advised to use ointments, salves and gels, herbal and medicinal plants, including extract of horse chestnut, grape seed extract, heparin and routine.

During the application of the drugs felt expressed a cooling effect. The symptoms of the disease decreases. Active the active substances entering into the composition of ointments for external applications, help clean the inflammatory process and have an antimicrobial action.

Drug-to-drug means of systemic action

Pathological changes of the blood vessel wall venous causes a strong swelling, applicable to one or both legs, covering the area of the ankle. For the treatment of these diseases shall be appointed by the tablets of swelling flebo tropic of action. Active the active substances entering into the composition of these medicines, have expressed a therapeutic effect, enhancing elasticity and tonus venous blood vessels, improving the microcirculation of the blood in the extremities. These types of drugs increase the angio-protective property and the lymphatic drainage.

The means of systemic action are called vettenniemi, and must be specific to assigned by the treating physician, the schema in the house.

The use of склерозирующий of funds

To relieve the swelling of the feet during the варикозе are appointed phlebosclerosis of the tool. Sclerosant is introduced into the vessels of venous and under their action, they become imperceptible. In the sequel, the deaths of vienna is stick together and disappear.

The modern methods of fight against varicose veins with the application of the склерозирующий substances occupy a space of points in the treatment, gradually moving the common surgical excision of the veins affected. The procedure most popular is foam sclerotherapy. The main advantages of this method are the following:

  • Small invasiveness;
  • The absence of general anesthesia;
  • The treatment of small and large vessels;
  • It is not necessary in the treatment of patients;
  • A complete record of ability to work.

Methodology of the surgical removal of the affected vessels

Rapid response, pass in the extreme, the most severe cases. Advanced and the inequality of the vessels venous fall, restoring the normal blood circulation in the branch. The operation takes place in the conditions of the hospital with the administration of a general anaesthetic. For recovery after the surgery, the patient requires a long period of time.

The Usus cogo indusia

Folk remedies for the treatment

Effective in the initial phases of development of varicose veins on the legs during the варикозе remedies of swelling of the legs. To do this, various ointments, grinding, compresses and poultices, prepared from natural raw materials. The manufacture of ointments crushed fruits horse chestnut and pork fat is used to apply on the affected area. Good therapeutic tinctures made with alcohol and medicinal plants.

Attention!The application of the popular methods of treatment should be prolonged, and systematic. Completely eliminate and cure the varicose veins on the legs with the traditional medicine will not succeed.

After that the swelling will be lifted, expressed symptoms of the disease will fade away. Disappear the feeling of heaviness, itching, and pain in the legs. But for the disease progresses, it is necessary to make changes in the mode of life, trying to give more relaxation to the feet, changing your diet, the abandonment of bad habits. In addition, it is necessary to avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes and get rid of extra pounds.