Varicose veins during pregnancy

The visual problems with the veins can look like "veins" and "the worm". In the first case, it is translucent the small vessels similar to a spider's web network. They have the blue or the purple for the coloring, but does not rise above the surface of the skin. "The worm" – that is, on the contrary, the extension of the trunk of the vein. Generally, in such cases, it protrude, bloating. These veins, sometimes in diameter with a finger, are blue-green. But varicose veins is not just cosmetic defects. It is a disease that is extremely dangerous for its complications. Among them, the most common are: thrombophlebitis, ulcers, bleeding. The most dangerous of the formation of thrombi, which can break off and create an immediate danger to the life of the mother and the child.

What is varicose veins? The symptoms of the disease

Quid sunt varicose veins

The mechanism of the formation of varicose veins during pregnancy is the following: the blood along the arteries, "is pumped into the lower limbs, but careful, because vienna partially пережаты and may not provide enough cardiovascular output. The result is a stagnation of venous blood, which overflows to come from the inside.

The initial stages of varicose veins occur for a woman almost asymptomatic external is detected only a slight deformation of the vein. In this case, at the end of the day, perhaps the appearance of an edema, which in the morning to completely disappear. Generally, the pockets is accompanied by the severity of the feeling of the legs, the fatigue./p>

When more than a state of abandonment, can occur cramps of the calf muscles. Mainly, they are the sentence to the speaker of the night. Then, the disease is aggravated by a sharp pain in the legs and itching of the skin, to the intensification of the night.

The next stage of development of varicose veins – a major distortion of the vein. In this case, the veins protruding above the skin, they have expanded, sometimes strangely twisted. It is to be noted that in some cases (even with the strong deformation of the veins), a woman may not be unpleasant or painful. At the same time, barely visible to the eye changes can often be combined with severe painful symptoms.

Generally, the reasons for the emergence or worsening of the disease during pregnancy are: hormonal changes in the body (which leads to a weakening of the vein wall), increased by the amount of blood in the veins (the result of which greatly increases the load on the veins), the increasing pressure of the uterus and the fetus, the increase in the weight of the pregnant woman. In addition, the incidence and the individual characteristics of the woman's body, in particular the elasticity of the walls of the vessels, under-development, or even the total absence of the valves of the veins.

varicose veins in inferiores extremitates

Often when pregnancy occurs not only varicose veins of the lower limbs, but the varicose veins the lips of the vulva, the anus (hemorrhoids). If the time does not pass the treatment, the vast vulvar varicose veins can lead to rupture of the vein, thus triggering fatal bleeding.

Prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

The prevention measures to be undertaken and to these women who have a disease only "appeared on the horizon", and those for which there is no of its manifestations. During the pregnancy, to this end, it is necessary to wear compression stockings (anti-varicose veins tights during pregnancy does not apply) or wrapped tight legs elastic bint. The first option is more practical, because it does not require learning the technique of bend, which is necessary in the case of the band. But you have to know what is unacceptable, to choose their own low, it must be done by the doctor. It will take account of the degree it is up to you compression, to learn how to properly use this product. For example, your doctor will tell you that wearing low-it should be in the morning in a lying position, without getting out of bed. In addition, don't wear clothing that prevents the free blood flow of processing in the area of the thighs and knees. Choose shoes with a heel of 3-5 see

The following measures, that is worth to be undertaken, – improvement of the blood circulation in the legs through exercise, and position changes. This means that most of give feet a rest and get rid of their. From time to time it is necessary to go, and the feet on the hill (very suitable the option to throw the feet up on the table in the u.s.). It is also important to simple exercise, using circular movements of the feet, "bicycle", the lift on the socks, перекат "sock-heel". You can lie on your back, lift your legs to a 90 degree angle (or straighten them) and shake it.

During sleep, try lying on your left side to improve blood circulation. Do not cross your legs when you are seated, and do not stand for a long period of time. If you must stand, stand up regularly on the socks. Useful to take advantage of the swimming pool.

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Attention, to weight gain has not been very important, that is above the norm, because it is a very negative impact on the state of the veins.

The treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy

The treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy, and other illnesses, you, the same is not valid. This should take care of the expert.

In most cases, the treatment of this disease in pregnant women must be limited to conservative methods of improving the flow of veins. For the treatment of the topicality of all of the measures that we have described in the previous section: the port special storage, of physiotherapy. This may also include the hiking in the open air, the climb and the descent of the stairs. The base of the power supply enclosure, which is suffering from varicose veins, should be vegetables, lean meats, fish, cottage cheese, eggs.

The more often in the treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy use of local products: gels, ointments. The truth is, you need to take into account, that any tool now appropriate, because the substance enters the blood and can be dangerous for the baby.

Today, the pharmaceutical market has many medicines, whose action is for the treatment of varicose veins of the disease.

In particularly complex cases, when the rapid progression of the disease (or complications of the ascending thrombophlebitis, ulcer (trophic) perform a surgical treatment. Indeed, if there is a real threat, the doctors are treated to a quick intervention, which is usually done in the first six months of pregnancy. Also available the method sclerotherapy veins with special solutions.