The prevention of varicose veins is easier than its treatment

Varicose veins – a disease complex characterized by varicose veins, and the violation of the circulation of the blood. The vessels increase in size, change shape, lose their natural elasticity and become visually perceptible. The risk of varicose veins lies in the fact that the rate of blood flow slows down, develop blood clots, eating disorders of the skin appear ulcers trophic.

exercises preventive when the varicose veins

To avoid the serious consequences of this disease is done as prevention. The earlier they are developed, the better it is.

Why the prevention of varicose veins

The main objective of preventing the development of pathology of blood circulation is the maintenance of the patient's health, the elimination of the causes of disease and the maintenance of the vessel to the normal state.

A lot of people with this disease have a genetic predisposition to it. Other gain by reason of his professional activity.

Therefore, the prevention of varicose veins is being built in two directions:

  • activities for people with a predisposition to the natural or a professional star, but are not yet sick varicose veins;
  • the actions for the patients suffering from the same disease, in order to avoid serious complications.

Most physicians-phlebologists sure that the varicosities is easier to prevent than to cure.

Therefore, the main objective of any patient — systmatiquement exercise of preventive measures on prevention of the disease.

For this task, there are many proven and modern techniques.

The methods of prevention

Varicose veins are most often the lower limbs. Therefore, people who have perhaps an increase in veins or they already have shine through the skin and become visible to the eye, must take care of their feet. The prevention of varicose veins in the home should be comprehensive. In this regard, it is appropriate to use the different tools.

the normalization of the weight

The standardization of its own weight

The mass of a body is an important component of the well-being of man. The higher it is, the more the load is created on the feet. The vessels that carry the ends of the blood, become unable to function normally.

The result is varicose veins. Therefore, it is important to maintain your weight is normal. When the input of extra pounds, you need to change your diet, use a healthy diet and adhere to a certain way of eating.

Power Mode

For maintaining the elasticity of veins, it is recommended to include in the daily diet, a certain set of products that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and promote the normal circulation of the blood.

These include vegetables and fruits with high fiber content are: cabbage, wheat bran, bread from wheat flour. Apples are useful, sunflower seeds, nuts, berries, especially cranberries, sea-buckthorn, bilberry.

Some well-known phlebologists recommend regularly meet juice or fruit and vegetables in the diet with raw, natural fruit.

In any case, the imminence of varicose veins against the confectionary and all kinds of pastries, coffee and strong tea, sugar, alcohol, modern, energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks.

Physical exercise

The intense physical activity, the transport of heavy loads and the long stay of the feet promotes the development of varicose veins of the legs.

For the prevention of the disease, you must perform specific exercises that support the veins in form. The most optimal training in a swimming pool: common swimming or water aerobics.

The water is able to deposit the load on the different parts of the body and create pleasurable sensations. In the gym choose to exercise without a strong load on the muscles of the legs and abdominals.

It is important to avoid sudden movements and sudden changes of direction, a long run. It is useful to commit slow walks in the open air, to go skiing, but not to do with slides, engage in the dance.

compression garment

Clothing, shoes, and a compression garment

For the prevention of varicose veins it is important to wear the right clothes and shoes.

In regards the latter, it phlebologists strongly recommended to choose a large, durable heel is not more than four inches. The high stud creates a certain pressure on the feet, and the vessels venous do not work correctly.

Flat sole leads to a deformation of the foot, platypodia and dysfunction of the member, resulting in a slowing of blood circulation.

To aggravate the situation can wear kapron stockings and pantyhose, the other products of synthesis of products that tighten the muscles and do not give the skin to breathe.

For the purposes of the prevention of varicose veins designed special compression garment. Elastic mid-stockings, socks and tights are created from high tech materials that offer compatible (effect of impeding distension of the blood vessels) and allow the feet to feel comfortable.

This compression garment is expensive and the manufacture of its deal with strictly certified medical office. Therefore, it is important to choose products that will be of benefit, but will not cause more damage.

Medical and cosmetic

For the prevention of diseases of the veins and avoid the heaviness in the legs that use different ointment and cream, enriched with components that help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and create blood flow normal.

Such drugs are many, and they are used by a doctor. When the treatment is done by the application of outside facilities with the help of oral medication. This reinforces the positive effect. The most common are venotonic drugs.


To avoid problems with the veins, it is important to keep the feet clean, wash regularly the ends of the hot water and soap, especially interdigital sites and feet.

It is recommended to spend the contrast of the procedure, by moving the feet in hot and cold water. It is absolutely necessary to change the socks and keep the shoes.

Folk remedies

In order to reduce the risk of the appearance of varicose veins, is a worthwhile use of folk remedies, based on the use of compounds prepared from medicinal plants.

folk remedies when the varicose veins

Particularly effective here regarded as the stinging nettle. To prepare an infusion of this plant, which is used for pedal valves. It can be used in the inner 1/3 cup three times a day for an hour before meals.

Beneficial Action on the blood composition and the speed of the movement of vessels is apple cider vinegar. They wash (and wipe the feet in the morning and in the evening, accompanying the procedure of receiving fund inside: 2 tablespoon in a glass of water.

The prevention professional of the predisposition to the disease

The prevention of varicose veins when the sedentary work, or the work has a particular significance.

In this situation, it is necessary to observe the state of their own health and adjust their actions. In the day, it is important to change the position of the feet and to follow these rules:

  • If the profession is forced to take a long time, it is necessary to organize wide of the low support, that, periodically, rise up, changing the load on the different muscles.
  • During the sedentary activities, it is recommended to have a similar medium, periodically to put on it, the feet to avoid static position at the bottom.
  • It is important to have the ability to bend the knees so that the blood can circulate freely to all the vessels down to the foot.
  • It is necessary to arrange breaks from the work and to perform simple exercises: those who is worth, to sit with arms outstretched raised legs, which is sitting, have the air. Possible, it is advisable to lie down for at least 15 minutes.

The prevention of the disease in pregnant women

During the gestation of the child, a woman undergoes a lot of pressure on the lower limbs, especially in the second half, when the fruit is expanded and the total weight of the mother increases, occurs a swelling and an increase of the vein. Timely action can reduce the risk of developing varicose veins in this period.

Doctors recommend:

varicose veins in pregnant women
  • especially well choose the shoes and the clothing loose and comfortable, shoes with low heel;
  • use compression during the onset of edema, wearing tights, trousers for pregnant women that support the stomach;
  • avoid excessive fluid intake;
  • spread the load of daily work of members, to change the position of the feet during the day;
  • access to the swimming pool and of animals of contrasting perfusion.

Women with a predisposition to the development of varicose veins during pregnancy must necessarily obtain advice phlebologist and to implement its recommendations.

In the period of pregnancy, the female body undergoes a lot of pressure. At the time, developed prevention activities, prevention of varicose veins may get rid of serious complications and rapid response.