Compression: types, classes, compression, rules of use and care

A compression garment helps to cope with varicose veins. It is used to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and for prevention. There are different types of linens, models for men and women. Prescribe therapeutic mesh in function of the severity of the disease and in the absence of contraindications. The details we will analyze in the article.

compression garment

The need to use

Therapeutic of the lingerie prevents the development of varicose veins and helps to get rid of the disease. It supports the different parts of the lower limbs. The drug therapy with the treatment of the sheets contributes to the improvement of the condition of the veins and blood vessels, thus reducing the load on the feet ill.

The pressure falls on the foot and the tibia. This part of the legs need the most support during the charge and the walk. On the tibia and the femur accounts for 70% and 40% of the compression, respectively. The higher up you go, the less pressure on the member.

The therapeutic properties and indications

A compression garment allows you to optimally allocate the pressure on the foot. The following normalizes the blood circulation. The diameter of blood vessels decreases. Removed the syndrome of pain, swelling and fatigue.

Therapeutic jersey supports the blood vessels to the outside, avoiding their stretch. The venous tone increases. The practice shows that the therapeutic of the lingerie helps to get rid of varicose veins even at the stage of complications. By applying a compression, a period of rehabilitation after the removal of the vein is flowing much easier.

Use medicinal socks and the bottom product is recommended in the following cases:

  • the appearance of the stars of the feet;
  • of pregnancy.
  • the oedema of the lower limbs;
  • the fatigue in the legs;
  • the appearance of the sensation of pain when walking;
  • spider veins of any degree of severity;
  • the period after the operation;
  • the apparition of blood clots;
  • the prevention of the varicose disease.

Therapeutic knitwear for athletes is a kind of insurance against the risk of the appearance of varicose veins.

Types of linen

types of compression machine

The market of healthcare products, today offers a wide range of therapeutic knitting for women and men. The direction of impact on the lower extremities, there are three main types of shirt:

  1. Preventive of lingerie having a minimum of compression on the feet. After stabilize the blood circulation in the lower limbs.
  2. Therapeutic of the lingerie of high and medium compression. Applies in cases of hard and also complicated the course of varicose veins.
  3. Postoperative the linen used in hospitals and clinics. Therapeutic mesh will allow you to easily transfer the adaptation period of the patient after surgery.

According to the place of location of the venous insufficiency, you can choose a compression garment to maintain the different parts of the feet.

Compression socks. Socks tightening of the heel and of the foot, which stabilizes the blood circulation in the feet and increases the muscle tone. The use of this therapeutic class, knitting can reduce the risk of varicose veins. Compression socks apply the treatment to eliminate the disease of the veins.

The compression stockings. Down enjoy great popularity among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Modern therapeutic of the lingerie doesn't look worse than usual. The bottom influence the member in its entirety up to the thigh. Used to resolve serious pathologies during varicose disease.

Silicone rubber strip, located on the inside of the bottom, prevents the slipping of the machine down.

In some cases, apply very big bottom, which are clasped in the groin area or the size. The fixing is carried out with the aid of a belt in contact with the ribbon.

The tights. Therapeutic tights used in prophylactic and therapeutic. There is one drawback – linen is difficult to wear. The tights have a tightening effect of the entire domain of the lower limbs. In addition to the therapeutic effect, to correct the waist, hips and buttocks. There are tights of the pool to the sock.

The leggings. Therapeutic leggings look like leggings from the distant childhood. Leggings are used to reduce the load on the legs from the ankle up to the waist. The leggings are named in the case, if you do not wish to support the foot. The lingerie in this category most often used by athletes during fitness classes. Are appointed leggings for prophylactic purposes, and when the first symptoms of the varicose disease.

The golf courses and the gaiters. "High socks" are used in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, evolving below the knee. They support the foot soles of the feet until the knee. Differ from product in order that the courses have socks and boxer shorts, is not. The advantage of first in the treatment of varicose veins of course. The golf properties and leggings provide accurate information in a scene the foot and the support of the muscle tone of the ankle. When walking reduces the load on the foot. Eliminated of heaviness in the legs.

A band of compression. Therapeutic jockstrap is a thick dressing, which pulls feet in the area of the leg. Assigned to machine in the postoperative period. Jockstrap fixed to the lower part of the leg, allowing the skin to breathe. After the removal of the vein, for six months, it is recommended to use a strip of compression to reduce the load on the lower limbs.

how to choose the shirt

How to choose?

Therapeutic mesh is sold in pharmacies and in kiosks and salons. Your doctor must prescribe to the patient, under which the seller will choose the best option. Choose the clothes by themselves, for therapeutic purposes can not be.

Compression is divided into 4 classes:

  1. Class 1. The machine with the least pressure on the lower leg to 23 mmhg. the item Named in the early stages of development of varicose veins, when shown asterisks, small veins, fatigue and heaviness in the legs.
  2. Class 2. The lingerie, which tightens the foot about 33 mm hg. the item Assigned to the varicose veins of medium severity, as well as in the treatment of complications, particularly phlebitis.
  3. Class 3. The machine with crushing effect of – 45 mmhg. the item Therapeutic for the lingerie of this category applies if intense and complex, the current of the varicose disease.
  4. Class 4. Therapeutic of the lingerie compresses lower limb to 50 mm hg. item, eliminating the stagnation of fluid in the intercellular space. Used during the fight with varicose veins in difficulty the form of, for example, when lymphostasis – "the ivory of the disease", caused by a running condition of varicose veins.

Therapeutic mesh of each class is available in a variety of socks, tights, leggings and other. When selecting, it is important to place the location of the disease. On the basis of this indicator determines the type of therapeutic hosiery. For example, if varicose veins develop in the area of the leg, you need to use a legging or golf courses. If the disease progresses, causing the pain syndrome of the member, are named tights.

Then, you need to know your size with these steps:

  • the volume of the lower and upper part of the stem in cm;
  • the length of the limb from the ankle to the knee;
  • hip circumference to a height of 25 cm from the tribe.
  • the length of the lower end;
  • the circumference of the waist and hips (for tights).

Set up tables for determining the size of the therapeutic knitwear on the basis of the individual measures. Among the different data producers may vary. In the pharmacy or on the night of the cabin specialist to pick up the cloth to the required size.

The cost of shirts the quality is very significant for the family budget. So first, you need to buy the right model for the tests. In some cases, lingerie creates the discomfort when wearing it. May have to change the settings at time of purchase. If the jersey does not have to interfere, you can buy a similar product of high quality.

The production of compression garments should be certified. Don't buy of therapeutic jersey in the supermarkets and on the market. The salons that are specialized in the sale of therapeutic knitting, generally, co-operate with the health agencies and have all the necessary documentation. When purchasing a compression machine for the first time, you can request a certificate attesting to quality.

The shirts are made from cotton, nylon, lycra and microfiber. The clothes are well permeable to air and is quite safe for the health. In the summer, you can choose transparent shirt. If the veins are hollowed out and spoil the appearance of the feet, will acquire thin tights or stockings, which are stored under pants. The quality of the product becomes electrified and does not cause discomfort to wear.

Before you buy a compression machine from home, read quality standards. By buying a fake, in the best case, you get no result. The poor quality of the mesh can be detrimental to the health!

knitwear for men

Features for men

Therapeutic jersey for sex fort is made from a special material. Outside it has a good elasticity to the interior of the cloth-impregnated cotton fibres. This jersey has maximum compression on the lower limbs.

The effect of the use of men's underwear is the following:

  • stabilizes blood circulation;
  • eliminates the pain syndrome;
  • facilitates the process of walking;
  • normalizes the pressure in the lower limbs.

According to the place of development of varicose disease, the men identify several types of linen:

  • golf courses – at the varicose veins in the neighborhood of the tibia;
  • down – when the venous insufficiency is the area above the knee;
  • bottom with tightening the belt, eliminating the disease iliac;
  • lingerie, used most often in training and competition in order to protect women of childbearing age of the authority.

According to statistics, men's underwear, mainly used in circulatory disorders.

Especially for women,

The therapeutic benefit of lingerie for the beautiful half of humanity is a breathable material. Ladies gentiles to their appearance. A modern manufacturer offers therapeutic bathing suit for all tastes. Women can choose the lingerie of quality preventive and therapeutic.

The range of product segments implies the existence of different colors and textures. Lingerie transparent complement the wardrobe of the modern woman, a dark mask, an inflammation of the veins.

Lingerie for moms-to-be

Pregnant women are at risk of developing varicose veins in the gestation period of the child. This is due to the increase of the load on the feet. Therapeutic shirt, it is recommended to start to wear the first few months of pregnancy. Manufacturers offer anti varicose veins of the golf courses and down to the pregnant women with a compression.

During the last months of the prenatal period better to buy tights for pregnant women. The upper part is knitted with an elasticated waistband, supporting the belly without too much oppression. Product bed linen breathable fabric: pregnant women are not aware of the discomfort. A wide range of products allows you to choose a mesh, taking into account the physiological characteristics and personal preferences.

Wear a compression garment during pregnancy, it is merely necessary, but only by a doctor.

How to put?

Compression difficult fits, if not is to know some rules:

  1. Put the shirt in the morning in the position of "lying".
  2. Are not very stretch linen.
  3. Put the jersey of the accordion.
  4. If it is of gaiters or leggings without socks, cross cautiously stepped through the hole in the linen. If it is sticky, gently pulls the mesh on the foot.
  5. On straighten thing and then pulls on the rest of the member's area.
  6. Tights put in raising the height above the surface of the bed, while remaining in a supine position.

Correctly chosen a compression garment too much of a hassle for you, if you follow the application instructions.

Maintenance of the equipment. The duration of life

maintenance of the equipment

The preservation of the therapeutic properties therapeutic linens will depend on the appropriateness of care:

  • Compression is subject to the day-to-day washing laundry by hand. Things should not stay the dust and dirty particles from the previous socks.
  • Erase the product at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.
  • The powders for a bed linen cannot be used. The best option will become a soap baby.
  • Therapeutic jersey should not be subjected to bleach, ironing, drying in hot air.
  • Washing machine have on Terry towel without wringing.
  • The location of the silicon gum is not deleted to avoid the loss of its binding properties. You can simply walk around with a cotton swab with the alcohol.

The therapeutic useful life shirt depends on the quality of the products and the care of him. Manufacturers of compression of the lingerie claim that it will last for 6 months or more. But is it really?


Although the compression is considered safe for health, contra-indications. The machine is not recommended for patients in the following testimony:

  1. Of the disease, leading to a narrowing of the blood vessels: atherosclerosis, aortoarteritis, the disease.
  2. Thrombophlebitis of the last step.
  3. Skin lesions: allergies, wounds, sores, inflammations.
  4. The predisposition to muscle atrophy (genetic).

If you experience one of these diseases, therapeutic lingerie is cancelled.

Is it possible to use it for prevention?

Therapeutic knitwear for prevention – something indispensable. But amateur does not make it worth it. As soon as the first signs of venous disease is necessary to consult a specialist. The doctor will prescribe you a treatment and pick up correctly the jersey. When poorly chosen, the size and the compression class can be, in the best case, do not get the expected result of the prevention. The worst instead of the prevention of waste time and worsen the manifestation of the disease.