Varicose veins of the lower limbs: the birth and the solution to the problem

Vascular disease, the system of the circulation of the blood and hemostasis are complex and dangerous. Fighting with them is also difficult, here, for example, the treatment of varicose veins how much effort and patience required. And life today is such that only features the varicose veins of the lower limbs. Well sitting behind the counter, although the computer, the less well shod, in which it is necessary still and hurry up all difficult to outputs, causes a stasis in the veins of the legs, and if this disease parents pursued, this danger is doubly so.

varicose veins in women

Young women, the girls think that this is not threatened, still his legs are thin and lightweight, so it is up to the mode, choose high heels and run on them days. The main thing – the beauty and the possible inconvenience and be patient, because beauty, as we know, the victims want. And the victims can be very large...

What is varicose veins and why dilate the veins?

The violation of structural the structure of the vascular wall and the decrease of the tonicity of the vessels, the deep veins of the lower limbs that are unevenly developed. This process is very much conducive to the excess pressure on the legs. The blood, strike along the arterial bed of the systemic circulation the left ventricle, which is enriched in oxygen and nutrients to the lower extremities, must be mounted on the veins through the right ventricle into the easy, to make it useless, and pick up the next portion needed lower members of substances.

Veins of the lower extremities are equipped with valves, for rose to return blood from was not, in fact, she overcomes the attraction of the Earth, lifting up. In the veins of the valves cannot slam shut tight, and that is why all the blood comes out, and begins to go down and stagnate. Then, it comes a new portion and the blood circulation is disrupted.

Where is the reason?

Say that varicose veins of the lower limbs ubiquitous phenomena, which is tantamount to saying nothing. But there are people who live up to an age of varicose veins even have no idea. Why? Can they know some secret or lie life on the couch with the legs?

So the structure of the venous wall of the broken vase, especially many do not need, just some of the abnormalities characteristic of the individual or of the condition arising in the process of life, can cause the start of a pathological process:

  1. A genetic predisposition, it is the man of her parents receives, is NOT a disease, and the construction of the vessels, which offers to the enlargement of veins and disease;
  2. The female in the natural setting of the destination.
  3. The loss of elasticity and tonicity of the vascular wall occurs as a result:
    • Professional characteristics (long duration work, in a vertical position);
    • The excess of the load during pregnancy, obesity and sport;
    • Hormone levels, which the leader belongs to hormonal reorganization during pregnancy and the menopause;
    • Standing and eating disorders, and the eating habits of the products affecting the vascular wall;
    • Diseases of the exchange;
    • Diseases of the liver (hepatitis and cirrhosis);
    • High blood pressure;
    • Smoking;
    • Venous-arterial fistula, which can cause varicose veins on the legs, even in adolescents.

Looks like a true spider veins of the legs?

In addition to these terrible events are described, varicose veins of the lower limbs simply unattractive. At the beginning of the disease, when improved 2-3 crowns, and men's attention is not paying, but as the disease progresses, problems begin. The knots are out, the skin on the internal surface of the tibia, shines, and changes color, and these places begin to itch strongly. The injured skin and ulcerate. And if, in addition to having diabetes? Varicose veins on the legs – not independent of the disease of the feet, the whole body is used here, it is the circulatory system.

Therefore, the manifestations of varicose veins of the lower limbs may be presented in the following form:

  1. A feeling of tiredness in the legs, the severity, and the swelling of the extremities;
  2. Thickened and convoluted sites venous blood vessels, protruding on the surface of the skin shin guards dark blue nodes;
  3. Compacted, darkened, who has lost the elasticity in the seat of the defeat, of the skin;
  4. Cramps in the legs;
  5. The hair loss and a burning sensation on the sites of varicose veins;
  6. Itching in the locations of the nodes.

By the development of the disease the symptoms of varicose veins become more bright and involve other events:

the reasons of varicose veins

  1. An increase of the pain;
  2. Following the stagnation of dermatitis, eczema and ulceration of the parties;
  3. On places, bubbling and cracks that give bleeding at the slightest injury. And where there is bleeding, is always this of the thrombosis. Such events are able, in their turn, easy to complicate thrombophlebitis, which is characterized by the following signs:
  • Dyspnea, lack of air, the weakness;
  • An increase in temperature patient of a member, the skin of his hot and dense;
  • Pain during the course of the container;
  • The redness of the ends of the road affected in vienna.

It should be noted that the thrombophlebitis is very dangerous and requires immediate medical care!

Treatment of folk remedies

In a first time, the patient tries to treat spider veins on the legs, advising experienced family, friends and acquaintances. For help, because the disease is spread, and people a lot about it know.

Some offer to go on a diet, lose weight and clean the containers, others recommend a special elastic stockings and tights, which are worn, other in general, leeches...

The power in the varicose veins

Without a doubt, the food in the varicose veins plays a role. And considerable. Lose weight varicose veins, really very useful, so, with this, and should start, of course, not to use of many promotional products, which can be, and are good for weight loss simply, but are contraindicated in the treatment of varicose veins.

When varicose veins of the lower limbs, in the first place, it is necessary to forget:

the power in the varicose veins

  1. On the alcohol (completely);
  2. Strong coffee;
  3. Canned, acute and smoked products;
  4. The candy and the salt varicose veins do not like as they of the water in the body, delay;
  5. Roast potatoes very good substitute for potatoes in your robe and listen to what advise the people in the know. And knowing the advisor:
    • lean on foods that are rich in vitamins A and E, although In and With also an obstacle become;
    • grains of wheat, rye, and oats, cabbages of all kinds, and soybeans, carrots, red currant and rosehip is especially beneficial to act on the venous wall;
    • an unlimited number of vegetables, fresh fruit juices of citrus fruits, berries of bilberry, cranberry and fresh strawberry;
    • nettle, dill and persil in salads, will not only help to varicose veins, but also significantly reduce the weight.

Apple cider vinegar against varicose veins

Apple cider vinegar is ubiquitous and is sold in a store and not expensive. The taste is pleasant. For the treatment take:

2 small spoons of vinegar, add a spoonful of honey, fill with purified water in the number of 200-250 ml and drink the morning on an empty stomach. Diluted in a ratio of 1:10 apple cider vinegar in the evening rub the leg, in the morning, the vessels of the feel.

The recipe for chestnut tinctures

For the treatment of varicose veins of the legs using the various infusions and decoctions, where it is very effective is considered to be the recipe of the liqueur of chestnuts, which is prepared as follows:

  1. fresh beautiful fruit of the chestnut, which is directly under the feet, which hang around in the fall, collect;
  2. cut into 4-5 pieces and send them in a grinder;
  3. weigh 50 grams and add to the mass of 500 grams of vodka (the bottle);
  4. the future dye, put it in a dark place for 10 to 14 days, and the rest of the mass of brown expose it to dry (useful for the next time);
  5. at the expiration of this period, the dye (you can drain them, and you can use it), pour in a bottle, to drink every day, the rest in the fridge;

Given the fact that the chestnut tree effect on the blood pressure, and take the medicine, it is recommended to HELL. 30-40 drops in a tablespoon of boiling water 3-4 times per day before meals to the normal pressure, and 1-2 times per day to a lesser. The course of treatment – 1 month, then a break, and after 2 weeks, if necessary, can be repeated.

In addition, to treat spider veins on the legs, you can use the tincture of chestnuts to rub the shins. According to the comments of people, such a method is enables much, some have even managed to cure varicose veins in the early stages. Well, and those with the treatment of the food and the liqueurs are not very lucky, but to go to the doctor don't want, traditional medicine recommends, "old", but not forgotten of the leech.

Conservative treatment

It happens that, started the treatment in a timely manner to stop the process of the disease, and people live further without the doctor, sustaining the folk remedies, the plan and the plan. This happens when the disease is initiated and may not help:

  • Infusions and decoctions;
  • Compression;
  • Ointments and creams, an advertisement in the media;
  • Massage and gymnastics;
  • Even girudoterapiya does not help.

spider veins doctor

It is therefore time for a doctor's visit. In a register all of the polyclinic explain how the varicose veins of the lower limbs takes care of a special surgeon through the vessels.

Of course, medicine is still trying to do so without radical measures, that is, without operation, up to the last trying to conservative treatment. Any operation, even the simplest, is related to the violation of the integrity of blood vessels and, therefore, with clots of blood, which will be held at the varicose the expansion of blood vessels venous. In addition, any intervention requires anesthesia. Here, account should be taken of the age of the patient, in effect, it is known that in old age, varicosities often accompany chronic respiratory diseases and cardio-vascular, and this complicates the selection and conduct of anesthesia. Therefore, a vascular surgeon treats varicose veins, first to be conservative.

For the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs, prescribe drugs that improve the flow of blood in the veins, which protect the lining and thin the blood. These include:

  1. Medications;
  2. Dezagreganti that dissolve the clots;
  3. The drugs that inhibit blood clotting (anticoagulants);
  4. Ointment against varicose veins, gels, and topical creams, providing a healing effect on the criteria mentioned above;
  5. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Penetrate into the vessel venous

The hardening may be able to treat spider veins on the legs in the early stages of the disease, when the function of the valve is not yet broken, and yet this method admirably with a varicose veins, while not a trace of the disease. The treatment of varicose veins this method is carried out by the doctor who is introduced in the vein of the solution of ferric chloride to a certain concentration.

Probably, in all time, surgery was, is and will be the main way to cure varicose veins, therefore, methods such as laser treatment are always popular and in an environment of doctors and patients. Undoubtedly, when the patient sees everything and hears all the time of the operation, the advance was not afraid that does not wake up (most of the patients before the intervention of panic on this subject) – that means a lot.

Treatment of varicose veins by laser patients suffer, even if here there are also the post-operative period and disadvantages associated with at least a little, but the intervention. Can occur of bruising and pain along the coagulated vienna, sometimes in a few days the body temperature rises to low-grade. These phenomena are rapidly, unless we take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, nimésulide). Immediately after the operation, the patient is not only allowed to get up, but recommended to have the air true, dressed (mandatory!) compression.

The laser treatment is performed intravascularly, the thermal impact of the laser energy directly to the vein wall and blood clots, which are replaced by connective tissue. Yes and it even comes with the time (in the course of the year approximately) will be transformed into connective-tissue cord.

the laser treatment

Laser Photocoagulation of varicose veins method that minimizes the number of counter-indications, no side effects, does not cause allergic reactions. The laser treatment is well tolerated and can be used in the elderly. And take into account contra-indications, correctly to choose a dosage, professionally conduct the procedure and to do so without the operation of the case of specialists, because the present operation to the varicose veins of the lower limbs – severe enough to the mass of the counter-indications and complications.

Radical surgery when the varicose veins is not simple in execution, is full of "surprises" and refers to extreme measures, all the same case with the system of hemostasis, which is certainly react to any intervention. Unfortunately, not always adequately. Therefore, the task of the doctor is to explain to the patient how not to be on the operating table, and here is the prevention of such a perspective should be the aim of all the patient's life, because his health is in his hands.

And yet, the sending of the force on the execution of prevention activities, anyway once that you need to remember to vascular surgeon, and if he do not look and certifies that it has nothing to do, therefore, everything is going well, so the work is not in vain.