Reticular varicose veins: the development, the signs of such treatment, prevention of worsening of

They say that reticular varicose veins we can call this disease, except that, with a stretch. And here's a cosmetic blemish or makeup varicose veins (informal terminology), do not pose a danger to life, but which create problems for the young girls and women who suffer in particular, even call the doctors working on the treatment of varicose veins of the vessels of the venous system. As for the men, they constitute a small group among all the patients with reticular varicose veins, in addition, "similar to the bagatelle" representatives "of a strong half of humanity," do not wish for the aesthetic may not notice, or, noticing, not to focus on it attention.

It should be noted that in the west, in the terminology that is really not of this disease, simply put, if a certain period of the life through the skin of the feet (usually women) to begin to be visualized vascular nets, say, the reticular veins.

reticular varicose veins

Only the lack of aesthetic appeal?

If the disease or not? Is there a need to treat and what methods of treatment of reticular varicose veins requires?

The opinions of the experts diverge: one, the defeat of the small blood vessels of the venous system exclusively to the cosmetic defects, is not returned to disease states, therefore, is not particularly insist on the treatment of reticular varicose veins. Others, on the contrary, claim that it is all the same takes its origin from insolvency (failure) of the valves of the veins, therefore, help to prevention and treat all of the methods available.

Not wanting to intervene in a dispute of specialists and take the side of someone, I would like to share the doubt, that the absolute health of the vessels reticular of vienna is unlikely to occur. And where is the guarantee that the varicose veins, has created unsightly skin in his youth, is not limited to the surface veins, it does not touch the deep vessels and will not turn this disease at a more advanced age, with all the consequences and complications?

This type of varicose vein disease venous blood vessels called net (reticular vienna). Reticular varicose veins is not so pronounced symptoms of the disease as other types of varicose veins. Generally, it is a "figure", consisting of small veins and intertwined wires of the vessels of different colors (green, purple, dark blue). The preferred location of the location-reticular type of disease of the skin of the lower limbs.

From zero to the sixth grade lesions

The more often reticular, spider veins of the legs appears in people, perhaps having a venous insufficiency, which is not due to the low degree of severity of the. Subsequently, it may be the progression of varicose veins and to increase the degree of insufficiency of the valve of the device venous blood vessels, on what, in fact, is one of the classifications of varicose veins. This classification focuses on the evolution of the disease over a long period of time, defined in its progression of six stages, not to mention virtually no symptoms of zero, and, accordingly, is divided into as many classes:

  • Class 0 (zero step) – at this stage, with the exception of heaviness in the legs, other signs of vascular disease patients do not mark;
  • Class 1 (the first step) – is reflected through the skin mesh, small vessels, and there are reticular varicose veins, other signs of the disease may still be missing;
  • Class 2 (second stage) – quite clearly visible by the dilation of the blood vessels (veins);
  • Class 3 (third stage) – have been feeling of heaviness in the legs, torment the swelling of the vein bulging above the surface of the skin;
  • Class 4 (fourth step) – the leather at the top of dilated veins constantly itching, changes in natural coloration, is brown in colour, evolution of the dermatitis, which indicates that the defeat of the deep veins;
  • Class 5 (fifth step) – consider it already in the course of performance of the opportunity, because in places, the scratch turns into is still to the healing of ulcers trophic;
  • The class 6 (sixth step) – with wounds that do not heal perfectly, face is more and more difficult or even impossible.

Depending on what changes have taken place with vessels venous pathological consequence of the transformation, to distinguish the forms of the varicose disease: cylindrical, serpentine, or described in the subject of the option – reticular varicose veins, which makes the lesions of the skin veins of small caliber. Unfortunately, most of the people having a propensity to venous disease, has influenced all the forms at once.

the phase of varicose veins

Therefore, reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs represents the first phase of a pathological process under the name "varicose veins". This disease is nothing else, as the set of irreversible changes in venous blood vessels (elongation, extension, the defeat of the wall), arising mainly as a result of venous insufficiency of the valves.

The causes of the evolution reticular varicose veins

Among the reasons for the development of the insufficiency of the valve of the device and, as the result of the varicose disease, the doctors are the following:

  • Heredity and innate pathology – weakness of the vascular wall (pathological changes in venous blood vessels in the parents actively involved in the prevention of disease);
  • The female sex (pregnancy, childbirth, the reception of medications oral contraceptives for a long period, menopause);
  • The professional activity, providing a long-term stay on the feet or in a seated position, which obstructs the blood flow in the vessels of the lower limbs;
  • Food obesity (the feet are "bad", in carrying on him an undue burden);
  • The violation of the metabolism;
  • A variety of neuro-endocrine pathology;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Severe liver damage (hepatitis, cirrhosis);
  • Allergic reactions, immune rejection.

In addition to these premises of pathological changes of the blood vessels, venous in addition, you can note the active smoking and a poor diet – in this category of people, reticular, spider veins of the legs develops more often, than at those who aspire to a healthy lifestyle

The signs of reticular varicose veins

Reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs is not different from the abundance of the symptoms. Often, it is limited by the single sign – irreversible color change of the skin because of some "pattern", which manifests itself on the skin, created intertwined wires of small blood vessels, yes transient itching, resulting to stay in the cold or the contact with the allergen.

Among the other signs of cosmetic varicose veins, you can call:

Usually, the patient does not link these symptoms with the change of the small blood vessels of the venous system, therefore, of lamenting on his feet and focusing on the signs of the disease, the suspect has other diseases. The presence of vascular veins, capillaries and extended surface waters in vessels of small calibre, usually, the patients themselves, in the calculation does not take and, without "annoying" doctor, say: "They have been a long time for me, but not causing problems."

the symptoms of varicose veins
  • Heaviness in the legs;
  • Unpleasant sensations in the field of the shins;
  • The pain and swelling in the evening;
  • Occasional intradermal hemorrhage;
  • Convulsions (rare sign).

The means of the deliverance

Treat reticular veins varicose veins many try of different forms of pharmaceutical drugs (tablets, capsules, gels, ointments, creams), which act on the blood vessels of the surface of the venous system. The most popular in this regard, are considered to be:

  1. Weno, tonic, eliminates the pain, as well as warning of cramps and the development of lesions;
  2. Rutoside having P-vitamin activity, and the strengthening of the vascular wall.

Meanwhile, get rid of the cosmetics of the help of his only pharmaceutical dosage forms almost impossible. Fortunately, at the present time the treatment of reticular varicose veins minimally invasive methods do not present any difficulties and is widely used in our country.

Erase completely boring reticular vienna, you can use:

  • Micro-phlebectomy – painless procedure (performed under local anaesthesia) and does not require phase recovery (only the use of the compression of the shirt), involve an extrusion on the surface of the victim to a container, and then the excision, the hand is a bit creepy;
  • Sclerosing therapy, which provides for the introduction into the container of a special solution (usually in the form of foam), adhesive to the vascular wall for the follow-up of resorption. When you use this method, the rehabilitation period can elongate up to 10 days, as the patient will need to wear tight skirt overlay at the site of the puncture of the vein. Not very suitable for the treatment of reticular varicose veins, having as the only symptom of the mesh formed of small capillaries, in effect, to introduce a drug fluid using the injection needle, even the smallest, is not so simple;
  • Laser coagulation, the most well-liked patients a method of combating this problem. In this case, the blood vessel wall glue of the laser energy.

In spite of the fact that the first two methods do not leave traces to the treatment of dead blood vessels, laser treatment has been and remains the most popular method. Patients do not even fear the fact that, after the treatment of reticular varicose veins with a laser, during venous vessel may produce pain, bruising, and sometimes, a few days later, perhaps, increase the temperature of the body. NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the shortest possible time tackling these little annoyances, but the new cosmetic defects at this location will not be displayed. As in the case of other surgical operations (large and small), compression (stockings, tights) and put in a period of rehabilitation after treatment of reticular varicose veins by laser photocoagulation.

how to get rid of varicose veins

A few words on the prevention and remedies

Rubber stamp "the disease is easier to prevent than to treat" requires in this case in the first place to put the prevention of the cosmetic defect, and then switch to a treatment of folk remedies and pharmacy of drugs, the issue is not yet impossible.

In relation to prevention, with respect to the reticular varicose veins, his conduct is not only possible, but necessary, especially if most of the family already noted data by default. In order that the skin stood out "snake" long, and the capillaries, it is necessary to:

Becoming a member proper nutrition, eliminating unhealthy eating habits;

  • Never forget alcohol and cigarettes, drink strong coffee, strictly the regulations;
  • Don't ignore the port's regular compression shirt, in the morning or in the evening (but every day) to do gymnastics (there are specific exercises for the prevention of reticular varicose veins – "scissors", "bike");
  • It is desirable to register at the swimming pool and go there regularly, but waive the the baths and saunas;
  • Avoid unreasonable physical effort.

A lot of fans of alternative medicine continue to insist on the treatment of folk remedies of all diseases, including, and described. Without any doubt, ointments, infusions, decoctions, made to the house, a certain profit is not excluded, but it may be just in respect of the symptoms of the disease, if they have place (heaviness in the legs, swelling, convulsions), but to completely get rid of cosmetic defect, lead to the blood vessels of origin (healthy) a state similar to the drug is not under force.

Of any varicose veins, in principle, it is impossible, once and for all get rid of without the use of the leave, minimally-invasive, but of physical interventions or major surgery (if not already), and therapy is conservative and is not designed for the complete elimination of all the problems. And pharmaceutical products, and traditional medicines are known to only soothe the veins, and give them comfort conditions and, therefore, reduce the manifestations of the disease.

Such as the treatment of folk remedies are used of the dye from the fruit of the horse chestnut, nettle, kalanchoe. Popular with people of apple cider vinegar diluted to 1:10 of it before going to bed rub the leg. Some people make poultices of curd and celebrate the relief in the legs and the disappearance of the pain.

Meanwhile, the reader is likely to agree that when reticular varicose veins, as diagnosed by a single sex (complex to figure on the skin of the lower limbs) and producing without any other symptoms, to treat the cosmetic defects of long and hard folk or drugstores means, nobody wants. Young women who are interested in the beauty of their own feet, probably, will be to the clinical research, offering to get rid of the problems in one fell swoop, and older people, probably, in general, will not be attach importance to vascular of the grid if larger vessels venous when this remained unchanged and do not deliver inconveniences.