Varicose veins of the lower limbs

The ships, on which the blood enters the heart are called veins. In the structure, they have some differences with the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the internal organs.

spider veins of the legs

The loss of elasticity of the vessel wall venous, with the expansion of its vehicle, with the development of the insufficiency of the heart valves, leading to a disruption of the normal blood circulation, has a nosological unit in the form of the disease called varicose veins or spider veins.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities: the symptoms

1. The changes, both external saphenous veins.

The greatest manifestations of varicose veins is a change in the shape and contour of intradermal, subcutaneous and vessels of the lower limbs.

Vienna acquire uneven, uniform or BAG thickening in diameter, with the formation of the original knots and tangles of blood vessels. Modified vessels become dark or blue. The smaller veins, is reflected contours in the form of intradermal venous "veins".

Most often these changes are exposed to the vienna stop and the tibia. With the progression of the process, a model that can be found in the vessels venous of the legs.

2. Of the pain.

Patients notice early fatigue, heaviness in the legs. Appears a dull pain arching of the nature in the calves. With time, the pain becomes more intense, with the possible occurrence of spasm of the muscles of the leg. Noted that, after having found a little time the foot in a horizontal position, describes the symptoms for a while subsides, and is therefore, during the transition to the vertical position, the state, again to resume. The pain is amplified during palpation of the leg. In the absence of change on the part of the superficial veins, in this situation, it is necessary to suspect the presence of varicose changes in the deep veins of the leg.

3. The swelling of the subcutaneous tissue.

There is a swelling stop (swelling) with the spread on the lower third of the tibia, accompanied by itching of the skin in the perspective of the defeat. If swelling of night with the subcutaneous tissue at the level of the ankle the ankle is not going to, it should be realised that the phenomenon of venous insufficiency are passed into the phase of decompensation. In these situations, it is appropriate to exclude the accession of a secondary infection and the beginnings of the trophic ulcer.

4. Itching of the skin.

May appear at the bright manifestation clinical symptomatology varicose veins, but most often occurs in the phenomena of disorder apparent in the reflux of the venous blood.

5. The hyperpigmentation.

Is product already deployed in the clinical presentation of the disease. The skin becomes darker in the course modified, the veins and in places of mechanical damages during injury. Subsequently, the whole of the skin of distal departments member acquires cyanosis color (indurate). The surface of the epithelium thin, under the skin and the structure of the atrophy.

6. The hypothermia of the extremities of the plots of the branch.

During palpation of the skin of the extremities cold. Patients also feel a permanent "freezing" of the members.

7. Ulcers trophic.

A part of clinicians consider this sign as a complication of varicose veins. The other party considers the appearance of defects in the skin starting on the bottom modified sites – the last stage of the disease.

The classification of varicose veins

1. Primary.

The changes concern first of all the superficial veins. The violation of the structure of the deep veins, and the change in the discharge of their functions initially absent.

2. Secondary.

Develops as a complication of the main disease of the deep veins, after which the changes occur at the surface of the veins of the lower limbs. This occurs in the presence of congenital abnormalities of the development of the venous system (vascular dysplasia, fistula), as well as the result of having suffered previously phlebothrombosis of the deep veins. The causes of the formation of blood clots in the veins have been discussed above.

In addition, a division of the varicose disease according to the clinical forms.

  1. Varicose veins lateral (side) the veins of the thigh and leg.
  2. Reticular varicose veins.
  3. Varicose veins for spider veins.
the symptoms of varicose veins

Stage of compensation.

The pain is minimal or non-existent. Determined by the discomfort in the legs when sitting or standing. In the departments of the surface of the skin are identified as small spider veins. Arise from time to time a slight inflammation of the feet and ankles. They move quickly after the plug member is in the horizontal position.

The stage subcompensation.

Already at the surface of the barrel on a branch, of the veins, with a broad thinning of remarkable.

The complaints of the patients is more precise: the pain in the legs, arching of the nature, a greater fatigue. The night of the convulsions of the muscles of the tibia, all of a sudden or on the bottom of the sensation of "chills" (paresthesias). The swelling in the lower third of the leg and feet are more pronounced, but after a night of sleep, they disappear.

The phase of decompensation.

The clinical picture is compounded by local changes on the part of the skin: it takes the form dry and smooth the surface, there is loss of hair, hyperpigmentation of the skin followed by a joint subjected to fibre.

The swelling will take a permanent nature, rise above it.

Frequent small intradermal hemorrhage make the pigmentation more intense thanks to the loss of the hemosiderin (pigment in the blood). Small wounds heal very long, passing gradually to damage defects.

The degree of chronic venous insufficiency

0 – events are not identified.

I – swelling, symptoms appear of the fatigue of the feet.

II – oedema with the phenomena of pigmentation disorders of the skin, the seal of the consistency of the subcutaneous tissue, the appearance of eczema.

III – education in skin ulcers trophic of genesis.

Varicose veins of the lower limbs: treatment

Conservative treatment

Consisting of drugs and the compression correction.

1. The wearing of a jersey compression (knee-highs, tights, socks).

We distinguish between curative and preventive compression. Lingerie therapeutic destination mark on four of the class, where each division represents a certain uniform level of crushing of the member in mm. of the rt. spoons and depends on the clinical stage of the disease:

The linen of prevention is strongly recommended for people with long physical, and find themselves in a sitting position most of the working day. For these purposes, use the compression tights and stockings.

Uniform compaction of the lower limbs from compression of the sheets, helping to maintain the blood circulation at the physiological level, by helping the output. The principle of the creation of a ledge for the maintenance of tone weakened the walls of the vessels venous type.

The prevention of compression delays, and completely neutralizes the risk of the varicose disease. In cases where have already become to disturb the initial clinical manifestations of varicose veins, it is recommended to urgently see a doctor in a clinic or a specialized medical centre.

Has developed the disease, therapeutic lingerie reduces the risk of developing thrombosis and embolism, reduces the manifestations of the venous insufficiency, and the stabilization of the patient's condition.

2. Drugs.

At the present time, the ideal of a drug, affecting all the patogeneticheskie the links of the process of development of varicose disease is not. You need to their combination. Partial suspension of a process in the initial phases with the help of medication possible, it reverses the human resources of the nodes stand-alone medicinal treatment do not observe.

Terms of application of different preparations: tablets, injectables, ointments.

the treatment of varicose veins

3. Folk remedies in the treatment of varicose veins.

It is important to understand that their implementation, in large part, is the removal of symptoms of complications, particularly phlebitis, and not on the treatment of the underlying disease. The application of these methods at the present stage should not replace drug treatment in the early stages of development of varicose veins and more, the operation of processing during a deployment to a clinic.

Review and here are some of the better folk remedies.

Girudoterapiya - processing the taken health of leeches in the veins. Applies only when the thrombophlebitis. The method is dangerous risk of adherence to secondary infections and the development of bleeding nodes. An excellent alternative may be to use medical of the consideration for the heparin ointment on the initial stages of the disease. For the prophylaxis of thrombosis you can use it in subsequent steps, while avoiding to fall on the ulcers trophic.

The cider vinegar.

Used in the form of a friction or wrapping of the feet with a cloth soaked in a solution or gauze.

Tincture of the horse chestnut.

Use the peeled skin of the fruit. Before we must crumble, pour in the vodka because of 10 grams. (two teaspoons) of sweet chestnut to 100ml. of the vodka. Brewed in a period of two weeks in a dark place and apply it for about a month, 3 times per day 30 drops.

Tincture of plant.

The crushed leaves Kalanchoe is filled half-liter of the bank up to the middle, then in a container filled with vodka in the volume of half a litre. After 3-4 weeks, received a solution to produce the trituration of the night in the affected areas.

A surgical treatment.

1. Classic of the exploitation of the allocation.


  • during the formulation and of the bankruptcy, the varicose veins the superficial veins, with the participation of the great and small saphenous veins;
  • when the defeat of the varicose veins of the communication of veins and identification of valve insufficiency of the deep veins of the thigh and the leg when pollutants manifestations of the venous insufficiency, or if you suffer from complications of varicose veins (bleeding, thrombophlebite).

If the manifestations of venous insufficiency are minimal, this classic of the surgery is performed with agents prevention of the objectives that needs to know the patient.

The volume of operations is determined on the basis of the results of the ultrasound. In addition to the mechanical removal varicose changed veins objective is to normalize blood circulation in the member by the elimination of venous hypertension to reset the blood from the surface of the deep vessels. In the contrary case, it will be necessary to repeat surgical interventions.

treatment of varicose veins of the legs

2. The combination of sclerosing therapy with a minimum of manipulations surgical.

Applies when the varicose veins the superficial veins of the lower limbs up to the formation of vascular nodes: the phase of telangiectasia, segmental modification of the veins of the leg, when the reticular varicose veins, in addition to the surgical procedure remaining modified vessels after the removal of the vein, with a transformation notable.

The essence of the methodology: the removal of veins of the blood circulation thanks to the complete closure of their vehicle, followed by substitution on the connective tissue when exposed to chemicals.

3. Isolated phlebosclerosis treatment.

In modified, the containers with the help of different technical approaches to aid venous catheters introduced the substance. Then, the member is clamped tight elastic bandages. After a certain time bin on the "outside" of the movement.

4. The radiofrequency ablation.

If this technology is going thermal welding of a vessel using an intravascular probe emitting rf energy. Under their action is going to isolate the heating of the walls of the vessels and their compression. After the operation, still a little long is the wearing of compression hosiery.

5. Endo venous laser treatment.

On the wall of the tank has a special impact venous catheter with the radiation of the energy of the pulses, causing a "sealing" of the lumen of the vessel.

6. Transluminal phlebectomy.

Removing altered blood vessels with the aid of a suction device under the optical control, by means of an incision in the skin.

It is necessary to remember and to know that any surgical treatment has clearly testify. Because, with a healing, each surgical manipulation involves certain general risks (complications of anesthesia, infection secondary, etc) and the distinctive character, associated with a particular operation.

In this regard, a particular importance, accepts the prevention of varicose veins.

The prevention of varicose veins

prevention of varicose veins
  1. The wearing of a compression of the linen.
  2. Optimal physical activity during any case of emergency without fatigue.
  3. The use of compression of the lingerie.
  4. To preserve the venous tone of a useful application of contrast showers during the promotion of the hygiene of the feet.
  5. Prevention of constipation through the normalization of a diet high in plant products rich in fiber.
  6. During long static loads vertical or sedentary situation, it is recommended that all half-hours to produce a simple exercise: in a standing position, to transfer the load with the high heels on socks up to 15-20 times. Thus, runs in progress a kind of "muscle pump", complmentaires blowing from the stagnation of blood to the heart. In these situations, it is useful several times a day to take a horizontal position. In case of impossibility, at least 15-20 minutes, throw back the legs in a sitting position on the chair. In addition, several times sit.
  7. Less likely to use high-heeled shoes. The heels must not exceed 5 see
  8. Clothing should be free and not to emphasis the movements.
  9. Recommended during sleep to attach the feet elevated by putting a cushion or the elevation of the edge of the bed.
  10. Useful after sleep is not immediately threatened by her bed, and do some exercises for the legs: in a circular motion to the stop, the imitation of bicycle movements.
  11. During long trips by plane or bus, you need to "knead" its feet – from time to time to stand up, to produce a circular motion feet. In these situations, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of alcohol and to drink more drinking water. It is useful in the way of dress of compression.