Effective methods to get rid of blue leg veins

Varicose veins – one of the most frequent diseases of the vessels of the legs. This pathology is caused as other diseases, for example, of diabetes and of life. What to do to remedy the situation and how to get rid of varicose veins on the legs?

varicose veins of the legs

How to get rid of varicose veins

The varicose veins are emerges above the skin layer serpentine blue vessels affected by the disease. Hiding them is almost impossible, but because here, the only way out is treatment. The treatment can be done in several ways:

  • Conservative addiction;
  • Surgical;
  • Diet and lifestyle changes;
  • The folk remedies.

These approaches may be both complex and individual, but preference is given to full treatment. We will examine separately, how to get rid of blue leg veins.

Lifestyle change

Since a long time is not a secret that varicose veins causes the more often a bad way of life. In particular, the development affects sedentary sedentary way of life. Depending on the stage of the disease are named by the physical constraints of different types. Here is a tentative list for every stage of the disease:

  1. All activities with the exception of intensive running, weight lifting, parachute jumping.
  2. All activities with the exception of the foregoing, as well as tap dance (dance), running long distances and aerobics.
  3. You can walk, activities of elliptic simulator, qi gong, yoga, stretching — stretching, water aerobics sessions and swimming pool.
  4. Stretching and yoga from a lying position. Yoga is preferable to use inverted asanas.
  5. Only gymnastics, medical.

This approach allows you to choose the load depending on the possibilities and state of health, but because it is easy to remove the pathology during regular check-ups and expenses. It is to be noted that intensive courses lead to the deterioration of the patient's condition.

From the third step required the wearing of a compression of the lingerie. Don't forget the appropriate application of the sports form, which will improve training effectiveness and reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. The approach of expenses properly and your body with the recognition to respond to such treatment.

the mode of life and varicose veins

Cream and ointment

Also apply the creams and ointments, which help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve their elasticity, reduce the inflammatory processes and reduce blood clotting. In particular, you can use the categories of drugs:

  • Blood thinning medication;
  • Phlebotonics and angioprotectors;
  • Corticosteroids (hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • CNEP-ointment and cream;
  • Antibiotics;
  • To improve the regeneration and the metabolism of the tissue;
  • Water-Soluble ointments;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Sorption of the medication.

The ointments have an action prolonged, because of the composition they do not fall to the inside of the skin, the cream has a medium degree of absorption, and here the gels are absorbed almost instantly. One of the units of data can be used with elastic, but don't forget to clear and rinse prior to application of the surface of the skin.

Also, your doctor may prescribe tablets and medicines, among which there are absolutely vitamins. It is especially important to take vitamin c, which protects the walls of blood vessels, eliminates the inflammatory process and is responsible for the composition and the quality of the blood. But the need for respect for and the dosage.

Conservative and surgical treatment

Under a conservative treatment involves medication and physiotherapy. The medication consists of various types of drugs, which must assume the properties and the positive impacts on the fabric and the body:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic, if there is a risk of developing a secondary infection on the background of complications;
  • In case of risk of thrombosis apply to drugs that reduce the clotting of the blood;
  • Tools to improve the tissue, the metabolism and accelerate the regeneration;
  • Medicines for the strengthening of the vascular wall;
  • angioprotectors;
  • Phlebotonics;
  • Supplements means.

Under physiotherapy are defined as follows: Amplipuls, magnet therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, mud, paraffin treatment, bubble baths, and so on. It is especially important before physical therapy to eliminate inflammation and to stabilize the condition of the patient.

home remedies

If to speak about the surgical treatment of the, in this disease, if other treatments have not produced positive results or there are serious complications, applies:

  • Stripping, which is removed astonished of vienna a fine probe.
  • Micro phlebectomy, in which varicose veins varicose veins are removed through mini-incisions.
  • Phlebectomy is the traditional method of treatment of varicose veins, in which the affected areas are removed through a large incision.
  • Laser Photocoagulation helps to clean the skylight of vienna, by the impact of the laser on the vessel wall, farms pathology.

The laser treatment is one of the most attractive of the surgery. It gives less side effects, and eliminates the human factor. Analogous to the procedure of radiofrequency coagulation.

Home remedies

Under the remedies were mainly as a result of the remedies. Before use, make sure that you do not have allergies to specific products, as well as it is a way not to worsen without severe pathology. The treatment of varicose veins remedies can be carried out with the application of herbal teas, lotions, and other procedures. Thus, for example, great tools are:

  • The infusion of garlic with lemon. In a meat grinder miss raw lemon (4 pcs) and 4 heads of garlic, peeled. This mass pour 3 litres of water and leave to infuse for 3 days at room temperature. The contents of all the days shake to mix the components. Then, strain the mix and store it in the refrigerator. Take 100 ml three times a day, during or after meals. Complete course – using 4 boxes of mix.
  • Apple cider vinegar need to scrub the affected area to improve the tone of blood vessels. Do the procedure two times per day, provided that the skin is not damaged and ulcers.
  • When the ulcers apply the juice of the potato. Milled potatoes in the form of spray is applied on wounds, on five hours, after which the dressing is removed and the area washed.
  • The revolt of a cabbage leaf attached to a night on the field of defeat, to relieve inflammation and pain.
  • The leaves and flowers of wormwood are ground into a liquid consistency, after which plant the kfir and applied to the sites of vascular lesions. Keep three hours, after which remove and rinse the area of impact.

When the manifestation of the symptoms, the time of exposure, or the number of receptions is reduced, or even cancelled.

The diet and the feed adjustment

Every day, for the maintenance of the health and nutrition of the vessels to consume in the morning, juice in the mixture. It may be the following ingredients:

  • Carrots, spinach, celery (10:6:3);
  • The carrots with the spinach and the beet (10:3:3);
  • Carrots, celery ribs, spinach leaves, persil (7:4:3:2);
  • Spinach, the vegetable with the root turnip, watercress (4:2:2).

The juice of regularly and only in fresh form. One day you need to drink about half a liter minimum. Other similar helpful to drink when the varicose veins – water Sassy, which are slices of lemon a few mint leaves, sliced cucumber and ginger. This mix focus on the three litres of water to drink throughout the day. In general, even in the diet, it is recommended to add citrus, ginger, garlic, red, cassis, which will fill the deficit of vitamin c and routine.

the causes of the disease

The causes of the disease

The causes of the disease the varicose veins are divided into several groups. The first one includes the household of the factors of poor diet, lack or excess of physical effort, stress, factors, and so on. The other group are the following of the disease and the pathology, to encourage the development of varicose veins:

  • A genetic predisposition;
  • Violation hormonal and endocrine systems;
  • The tumor;
  • Thrombus;
  • Of pregnancy.
  • The nervous disorders;
  • The development of the arterial-venous connections.

And if a genetic predisposition to do nothing is not possible to other factors and the disease can be, if not to eliminate, to enter a phase of long-term remission. It is to be noted that a simple treatment of varicose veins and even surgical removal does not give the guarantee that, again, it will only grow, especially if the root cause is not resolved.


Under the prevention first heard the gymnastics, which will help prevent the development of pathology. For this, it is enough to do 4-6 reps depending on the movement of two times per day:

  • March in place during the sock of floor;
  • Walk on tiptoe;
  • The movement of rotation with a sock on the heel;
  • The training of the ankle in a circular motion;
  • The training of the articulation of the knee with a circular motion;
  • Pull the socks from the front, and then shoot himself.

Remember that gymnastics should not cause a painful or unpleasant, that is why exercises can be done without fanaticism, and the greatest care and gentleness, and avoid the feet dangling. Can also use during the day bandages.


You still think quickly to get rid of varicose veins difficult?

Launched on the stage of the disease can lead to irreversible consequences, such as: gangrene, blood poisoning. Often the life of a person running the stage can save only an amputation of a member.

In any case, you can not run the disease!