What is allowed and what is contraindicated to do with varicose veins of the lower limbs?

Varicose veins of the lower extremities are a rather serious disease that requires special attention. There are some contraindications for varicose veins, which should be considered to prevent progression of the disease. In this article we will consider what can not be done with venous disease, what physical activities are allowed, is shugar of the legs acceptable.

General contraindications

There are various contraindications for varicose veins, associated with the stage of the disease. In order for the ailment not to change the usual way of life, you should seek the advice of a specialist and follow simple advice. The following are general contraindications for varicose veins not on the legs:

charging at work
  1. First of all, you cannot lead a sedentary lifestyle. In sedentary work, change the position every 30 minutes to avoid venous congestion. You can take breaks during which walking is helpful.
  2. It is equally important to keep track of the weight that strains the legs. Nutrition should be balanced, it is useful to eat more plant foods rich in vitamin C, because it is this vitamin that strengthens the vascular walls.
  3. It is necessary to follow an anti-varicose diet that prevents hypertension and weight gain.
  4. If a varicose vein patient has decided to start training, the training should have individual loads.
  5. Heels. It is unacceptable to wear even at the initial stage. 4-5cm heels are acceptable; in the case of a progressive form, heels higher than 3 cm should not be worn, as the outflow of blood may be disturbed, which leads to the progression of the disease.
  6. You cannot visit the sauna, the bathhouse. It is contraindicated to bathe and warm the legs in case of a pronounced stage of the disease.
  7. Endoprosthesis is prohibited in case of a complicated stage of the disease. In the initial stage, endoprostheses are allowed.
sneakers or shoes

People often wonder if it is possible to play sports with varicose veins of the lower limbs. There is no definitive answer to this question, as some exercises can reduce symptoms, while others will aggravate the situation. Therefore, in order to benefit your blood vessels, you need to choose the right type of training.

Sport and varicose veins

Which sports are allowed:

sports with varicose veins
  • swimming, as these training sessions reduce vascular loads;
  • gear is very important for varicose veins. It is recommended to walk every day for 30 minutes in the fresh air, and the important point is correct breathing: exhalation and inhalation should be performed after 3 steps;
  • Cycling helps prevent stagnation.

Some of the allowed activities are:

  • while running, it is good to run on the street, because the blood is enriched with oxygen. However, jogging a lot is harmful, as such training will be extremely harmful to the veins;
  • simulators. There are many people who like to train on a stepper. This simulator is definitely beneficial - it allows you to increase the tone of blood vessels, normalize blood flow and get rid of excess weight. However, you can not practice on a stepper without consulting, as only a specialist will help you choose the recommended loads. It is strictly forbidden to swing the legs;
  • dancing, fitness can also benefit the leg veins, improve blood circulation, but bouncing a lot can be harmful to health.

Strongly contraindicated:

soccer training
  • power sports. Because strength training puts a strain on the veins;
  • training associated with sudden movements: basketball, tennis;
  • is not recommended for playing football. Since football can also involve unwanted kicks on the ball;
  • different types of martial arts, as they can cause the veins to break;
  • motorsports and equestrian sports, because they involve a certain position of the legs, which leads to venous congestion.

If you have varicose veins, you should not play professional sports, as training with increased stress will lead to the progression of the disease.

Shugaring procedure

Today, among women, shugaring is very popular as a method of hair removal. As a result, there are many doubts about the compatibility of shugaring and varicose veins. To answer this question, you need to understand what shugaring is.

shugaring procedure

This procedure is done with the hot sugar sticking to the skin. After which the mixture is literally plucked with hair.

Of course, the veins react negatively to this procedure: firstly, the hot paste begins to warm the diseased vessels, and secondly, sudden manipulations are dangerous for sick legs.

Doctors claim that shugaring performed by specialists is appropriate only in the initial stage of the disease. With pronounced varicose veins, shugaring is prohibited.

Use of the contraceptive pill

In the modern world, contraceptives come in a wide variety.

use of birth control pills

However, this problem must be treated with caution, as hormone pills are considered to be quite dangerous. By taking hormonal birth control pills, a woman simultaneously increases her hormone levels, which can cause thrombosis.

A similar effect can be provoked not only by oral drugs, but also by any contraceptive containing hormones, even in small quantities. Before starting to take medications, you need to consult a doctor to select a contraceptive.

Water Related Procedures

Water treatments are widely used for varicose veins, but in order not to damage the veins, it is necessary to take into account the different nuances.

A contrast shower is especially useful for this disease, it will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase blood flow and tone.

Charcot's douche for varicose veins works on the same principle, the main difference lies in the high pressure, which has a beneficial effect on the vascular walls. It is forbidden to warm the feet in hot water, as there is a strong rush of blood to the affected veins.

Bath and varicose veins

Bathing and varicose veins are quite compatible things in the initial stage of the disease. When visiting the bathhouse, it is forbidden to take a steam bath and warm the feet with exacerbated varicose veins. And with an initial illness, a bath can only be useful and significantly alleviate the condition.

However, remember that it is forbidden to run the steam for more than 5 minutes.

After visiting the Turkish bath, you need to take a contrast shower, you should drink some garlic juice, it will help you remove toxins. It is also useful to make lime tea to increase perspiration.

Varicose veins and sunburn

Many women are interested in the question of whether it is possible to sunbathe with varicose veins.

sunburn with varicose veins

It is possible in the initial phase and only during the period of least activity of the sun, as venous congestion and thrombosis can occur. It is strictly forbidden to go to the solarium, but it is allowed to use self-tanner, as it does not penetrate deeply and does not damage the veins.

By following the recommendations of doctors and adapting your actions, you can avoid the development of complications that lead to a deterioration in the quality of life. By taking care of your legs, you can avoid the development of complications and improve the condition of the blood vessels.