Liqueur of chestnut for varicose veins: the recipe

More - more. Blood clots can block the vein. And begins an inflammation of the wall of the container thrombophlebitis, in the best case leading to the surgical intervention. The lack of blood circulation in the veins and leads to ulcers trophic.

Varicose veins — companion of hemorrhoids and prostatitis. In the anus and beneath the mucous membrane dilate the venous plexus. Them there is a stagnation of the blood, appear hemorrhoids, terribly painful, bleeding. The venous stasis is formed in the prostate gland with prostatitis.

Varicose veins — comes anorum and prostatitis

Folk remedies for the prevention of varicose veins

The medicine does not stop in the fight against the insidious варикозно, taking its arsenal of new pharmacological drugs, penetrating laser. But the ancient ways of alternative medicine are not forgotten, as they are known by many generations. And they help to "calm down" the disease, only delays. Long proven: the prevention of the disease — the best treatment method.

We need to remember a few ways: juice of potato inside and compresses, the crushing of veins of apple cider vinegar, and receive from him even within, the walk of the morning dew in cotton socks, headbands dough herb wormwood of the silver cream, the lubrication of the diseased veins of the stain from the buds of birch. Many argue that they have helped the fruit liqueur of sweet chestnut.

Note-the "pedigree"

in infusione fructus varii

For the necessary processing of the chestnut horse. Landing spread throughout Europe, some species arrive in Moscow. Horse chestnut does not eat, without habits do not eat the same animals. It is called still jeludkom, asculum(from the latin Aésculus). The trees of the horse chestnut decorative used in the park landscaping. It has the same "documents" - is not a relative of the chestnut noble, which is edible in the fruit. Of course, these trees are similar. But they were from different families of the plant kingdom.

Senior man and famous for the chestnut horse as a fighter for the diseases of veins. It decreases blood viscosity, improves the filling of the venous system, which inhibits the formation of a blood clot. The ointments, tinctures chestnuts varicose veins have been successfully used as a tonic to strengthen the walls of veins, eliminate inflammation processes in the blood vessels. Chestnut promotes the healing of varicose (venous) ulcer. To stop hemorrhoids. Let us dwell on this phyto tool, as the liqueur of chestnut and varicose veins. This drug is effective, since long ago become popular. Why it is safe, what are the substances concentrated in it?

The secret of the strength

For the treatment using roots and the bark of twigs (harvested in the juice of one movement), flowers, leaves (up to this that have turned yellow), the seeds of the skin (in September). All of these pieces of wood contain organic substances. What is their strength in the fight against the варикозно?

In the cortex, and the brown of the shell of the rind of the seeds contains tannins, saponins escin and glycosides praxin and the esculine, a fatty oil. In the flowers - flavonoids, rutin, pectin, derivatives of kaempferol. In the peeled kernels - starch, tannins and saponins, fatty oils, flavonoids.

in castaneis

Tannins (tannins) to densify and consolidate the protein molecules in the envelope of the veins, will make them waterproof and smooth. The tannins in the astringent taste. For example, the mucosa of the mouth "tanning" (is dense). It is the same with the veins of the vessels: their walls are thick, the disappearance of the fragility, they are covered by a protective film which prevents the penetration of infection, irritants.

Saponins (sapo – soap-natural — soap substance, have gathered, therefore, the anti-inflammatory property. In the maroons in the form of escine. It is for this reason that the application for the washing of the hands of the nuclei of the maturity of the chestnut. The therapeutic action of escine, is that it tones the veins, hunt the stagnant blood, reduces swelling, reduces the lymphatic flow.

The glycosides of the coumarin series of the esculine and praxin have mild anticoagulant action to thin the blood, and it speeds up the stream in the veins. Improved blood circulation gives to the reversal of the effect - ulcers, trophic ("flowers" varicose veins) are tight.

Rutin reduces the fragility and permeability of capillary vessels, dissolves cholesterol deposits, lowers blood pressure, relieves allergies and pockets.

Derivatives of kaempferol have anti-cancer and the beginning of the healing properties.

The fatty oil regenerates the cells, regulates the metabolism, softens the inflammation.

All of these substances contain the page of the liqueur of chestnut and varicose veins.

On the contra-indications

Tincture of horse-chestnut under the ban:

  • for patients with diabetes;
  • when thrombocytopenia (lack of platelets means that evil coagulates the blood, and it threatens a hemorrhage);
  • for pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • when hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • Tincturam castaneis
  • disorders of menstruation.

Having made the decision to heal the national average, as the liqueur of sweet chestnut, a recipe that in this text, please discuss with the therapist. Please note that you need to strictly adhere to the dosage of the plant is slightly toxic.

How to prepare a tincture chestnut

To prepare a tincture for internal use for the treatment of venous insufficiency for diseases such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis and prostatitis need 20 g powder with the brown bark of the seeds of chestnut (surface "studded" jacket is ejected), washed with 200 ml of vodka.

The focus on the glass of the bottle lasts a week in the dark. Every day the contents of the shake, without opening the lid. Filtered tincture-take on an empty stomach the day of 3 times 30 drops. The course of treatment - 1 month. When it is necessary to control the свертываемостью of blood - it is necessary to make an analysis.

Help ointments

Well simultaneously with the adoption of the tincture lubricate the inflammation of the veins of the legs of the ointment. You need to make a mixture of: powdered chamomile flowers, sage leaves - 10 g, the kernel of the chestnut in the shell, chopped - 50 g potato starch - 5, Mix the ingredients together with 200 ml of chicken fat (melted and hot, simmer for 2-3 hours in a water bath, through the 12 hours of maceration, heat until boiling, drain.

flos tincturam, castaneis

Tubs and tubs

Not only during the extended veins, but when the myalgia, neuralgia, rheumatism, gout, skin itching effective bath with horse-chestnut - from seeds or bark. In a bucket of boiling water to cook for 30 minutes floured raw material - 1.5 kg Drain, pour into the bath.

For the preparation of the conferences of the baths of hemorrhoids need to make a mixture of dry matter. You should include: 3 servings of seeds of chestnut, chamomile (flowers) ,herbs of sage, 5 servings from the bark of oak. 4 c. l. collection pour into a thermos, pour boiling water - 3 cups. Drain in 2 hours. Bring the volume of infusion up to 2 litres of water (boiled and cooled). Dishes take at least 15 minutes.